Our laser power detectors measure in real time and provide you with accurate data. By delivering information about the laser power, the gRAY detectors allow you to monitor and control your laser system. gRAY detectors are used in various applications ranging from industry to academic research. A few of them are listed in the following.

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Industrial-01 In industrial laser systems it is crucial to monitor the laser power to avoid waste production. The results of laser marking, welding, cutting etc. are affected by too high or too low power. Read more about this in our white paper on “Process Stability”.
To allow continuous monitoring, the sensor is typically integrated behind a beam splitter where it measures only part of the beam. The main part of the beam is used for the process.

Medical-01 To ensure the safety of staff and patients during surgery, lasers in medical applications need to stay precisely within their power specifications.

Popular wavelengths for medical lasers are around 3 µm (since water has a high absorption coeffecient at this wavelength) or further in the IR spectrum. Whereas photodetectors are limited in this wavelength range, gRAY sensors are sensitive from UV to IR. This makes gRAY sensors a perfect choice for medical applications.

Source-01 gRAY sensors can be integrated into laser sources to provide a feedback signal for a closed control loop. This is done to have a stable output power, monitor how the laser ages, and to determine changes in the optical path of laser (like contamination of optics).

As much as the specifications of laser sources vary, the applied sensors vary as well. For diode lasers with limited space or QCLs, the small 2×2 mm² sensor is a good choice. Large CO2 lasers, on the other hand, require a housed detector (for power measurements up to 100W).

Power Meter-01 gRAY sensors are used inside power meter. Like all thermopile sensors, they cover the wavelength range from UV to IR.

However, due to their short rise time measurements are faster compared to other thermal power meters available. Further, the high sensitivity allows to measure low powers down to 10 µW. The size of the power meter can be kept small due to the compact design of the detectors.

Read about the product development with one of our partners.

Position-01 An integrated position sensitive device (PSD) allows to measure beam position and average laser power simultaneously. Such a detector can be placed at one or more positions in the beam path to provide feedback on the current beam alignment.

gRAY PSDs make alignment and maintenance easy – even outside of the visible range. For more details read our white paper on “Beam Positioning”.


Product Name
Power Range Aperture Size Application
Medium/High Power
Head without plugs_web
C05-HC(T) 5 mW to 5W ∅ 25 mm Industrial
C10-HC(T) 10 mW to 10 W ∅ 25 mm Industrial
C50-HW(T) 50 mW to 50 W ∅ 25 mm Industrial
C100-HW(T) 100 mW to 100 W ∅ 25 mm Industrial
C50-MC 50 mW to 50 W ∅ 26 mm IndustrialPowermeter
Low Power
B05-MC 10 uW to 5 W 10×10 mm2 IndustrialPowermeter
B01-SMC 100 uW to 1 W 4.4×4.4 mm2 IndustrialPowermeter
B05-SMC 100 uW to 5 W 10×10 mm2 IndustrialPowermeter
B0.5-SC 100 uW to 0.5 W 2×2 mm2 IndustrialSources
B01-SC 100 uW to 1 W 4.4×4.4 mm2 IndustrialPowermeterSources
B05-SC 100 uW to 5 W 10×10 mm2 IndustrialPowermeterSources
Beam Position
B05-PC 1 mW to 5 W 18×18 mm2 IndustrialPosition
C50-PC 100 mW to 30 W 18×18 mm2 IndustrialPosition

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Get digital signal with self-correction for temperature drifts.

  • Absolute power sensing of laser beams up to 50 W
  • 300 ms rise time
  • Digital output signal (I2C)
  • Electronic temperature compensation inside detector head

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Get your laser power measurements done faster with the fully integrated laser power head.

  • Absolute power sensing of laser beams up to 100 W
  • 300 ms rise time
  • Full electrical and thermal integration provided
  • Robust design for system integration or standalone applications
Data sheet

Process Stability


Build the mounted detector module into your monitoring unit to record laser powers – even if space is limited.

  • Absolute power sensing of laser beams up to 100 W
  • 300 ms rise time
  • Compact design for versatile system integration
  • Optional: Amplification circuit board for electrical integration
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Measure µW laser powers with highest accuracy with the thermally compensated detector module.

  • Two detectors mounted on a metal-core PCB; no thermal integration needed
  • 10 µW to 5 W power range
  • Thermal background compensation
  • Integrated NTC
  • Simple, compact and robust mounting
  • Available with NIST/PTB traceable calibration
Data sheet


Measure low laser powers in your laser system without worrying about electrical, mechanical and thermal integration.

  • Single detector mounted on a metal-core PCB
  • 100 µW to 5 W power range
  • Integrated NTC
  • Simple, compact and robust mounting
  • Available with NIST/PTB traceable calibration
Data sheet


Avoid wavelength or angle dependence of your detector signal by integrating gRAY sensor components into your laser sources

  • 100 µW to 5 W power range
  • Linear power response
  • Signal independent of illumination angle
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Simple integration on PCBs
  • Attractive OEM pricing
  • Various sizes available (2×2 to 10×10 mm²)
Data sheet


Determine laser power at all wavelengths without loosing much space in your laser source.

  • Most compact thermal detector
  • Sensitive to all wavelengths
  • Powers of up to 500 mW
  • Integration like an SMD-component
  • Attractive OEM pricing at high volumes
Data sheet

Comparison with Photodetector


Align your laser beam efficiently with micro meter accuracy – even if it is not visible.

  • Position sensing and power measurement
  • Lateral resolution on the micro meter scale
  • µW to W power range
  • Compact design for versatile system integration
  • Sensitive to all wavelengths from UV to MIR
Data sheet

White paper



Disc-gT Comparison-01


1. The laser irradiates the sensor surface. The light gets converted into heat when being absorbed by the coating.

2. This heat impact causes a temperature difference between the exposed top surface and the non exposed bottom side.

3. The T-difference produces a voltage based on the Seebeck effect. It is directly proportional to the input power and can be used to calculate the power of laser.











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greenTEG’s thermal sensors are integrated into diverse applications by customers active in markets such as laser, building technologies, medtech, automotive, processing industry and R&D.

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